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Anarcho-Primitivism by MyLittleTripod Anarcho-Primitivism by MyLittleTripod

Anarcho-primitivists comprise a subculture and political movement that, generally, advocates hunting and gathering as the ideal human subsistence method (from the point of view of sustainable resource use) and the band as the ideal human social structure (for its features of egalitarianism). While the goal may seem improbable, a primitivist would contend that more modest goals are either undesirable or unachievable within the system. The past 10,000 years have after all been largely a history of “solutions” to the problems of an agricultural society. This critique of “civilization” inherently rejects less radical ideals and claims to go uniquely to the heart of all social discontent. It is multi-faceted, drawing on several traditions of thought. These include the nineteenth century social speculators, anthropology of hunter-gatherers, situationism, anarchism, radical (deep) ecology, and anti-technological philosophy. The potential problem of implementation is largely solved by a growing consensus that an end to “economic growth” is fast approaching, making revolutionary change inevitable. The direction of that change is the focus of anarcho-primitivist interest.

Anarcho-primitivism is subtly influencing society in several ways. The Unabomber’s “manifesto” enunciated many of the central tenets of anarcho-primitivism (e.g. rejection of liberalism and industrialism). Primitivists were among the protesters participating in window-smashing, spray-painting, and other vandalism at the Seattle WTO protests in December 1999. They are probably among those elusive “eco-terrorists” who carry out property destruction in the name of the Earth Liberation Front. The popular novel Fight Club (1996), which became a feature film, portrayed a group of alienated young men who reject consumerist culture and attempt to bring it to an end through massive sabotage. While anarcho-primitivism may not seem worthy of much thought or attention because it falls far outside the mainstream of political discourse, it ought not to be dismissed. It merits substantial attention solely on the basis of its harmonious integration of several historically disparate lines of thought.

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MOxC Featured By Owner Edited Mar 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not really a primitivist, and I do agree with the idea that we shouldn't waste innovations and scientific breakthroughs but at the same time we must be wary about 'techno-utopianism' and 'techno-fixes'. While advanced science and technology have certainly improved standards of living (mainly throughout 1st world countries though!) we must remain aware that advanced technologies will ALWAYS be inherently 'high impact' and energy intensive. For example, it doesn't matter how 'green' someone says their new computer is. It doesn't matter whether the computer is made by capitalists or anarchists, one thing will always remain a constant. That computer will always require intensive and heavy industry for it to be produced. This can be applied to all comforts of our modern lives that we take for granted; energy production, mobile phones, intensive farming, pharmaceutical production. Also I think that it's important to note that 'primitivists' aren't necessarily anti-science. Science itself is our efforts to try and understand the physical and social world that we occupy. From my understanding, humans have been trying to understand the world long before the task was reserved for academics in white coats.

Ultimately the key here is to neither be primitivist nor believe in some techno utopia. We shouldn't throw away all of our tech and discoveries, but it is a MUST that we significantly reduce manufacturing output of tech and stop the over-reliance on advanced science to deliver us a utopia and solve our problems. 
stalkerboy808 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Anarcho-Primitivism is horrible, I mean who would want to waste the innovations and scientific breakthroughs humans have made? Heck even my Anarchist friends (Communist, Syndicalist and Socialist) find the whole movement and idea stupid as well as Un-anarchist. Plus if we were back in the stone-age they claim no one starves since food's everywhere with animals, but what about modern medicine, cleaning (showers and teeth brushing) or protection (wild animals). Like I mean what about dying from poor hygiene, treatable/curable disease or being eaten by animals as well as freezing to death? Hell Anarcho-Primitivists are also hypocrites, they use the internet to spread their ideas when they hate technology and they even live in an industrial society and drive cars whereas they wish to live in a forest, where I bet you they're all just talk and won't even last long in the wild. 
MyLittleTripod Featured By Owner Edited Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
OmicronPhi Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Raises clenched fist in order to signify solidarity and agreement*

^That's the only anarchist substitute for a high five I could think of.
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