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Panarchism :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 6 5 Dear Fellow Ancoms, :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 5 5
Love Wins, Actually (Laurie Penny)
From (
It’s been a hard few days. The headlines were bleak enough already before Sunday morning, when the news hit that 50 people had been slaughtered in a gay club in Orlando. That morning, I woke to the sound of my housemate sobbing.
She was frightened, and angry. At that point, nobody knew who the shooter was: we only knew that he was probably a man, and that he hated gay people enough to walk into a club with an assault rifle and start mowing people down. We found out later that he was Muslim, and a wife-beating misogynist. We found out even later that he was, in all likelihood, a man with one foot out of the closet who messaged men on dating sites and was a regular at that same night club, Pulse. Shame, bigotry, self-hatred. A culture of fear that responds to progress with intolerance. That’s where violence comes from. One of the places.
I put the tea on and listened to my ho
:iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 2 0
3 Reasons Christians will lose Transgender Debate
When LGBT rights first became a national issue following the Stonewall Riot of 1969, conservative Christians responded with a disastrous campaign against gay and lesbian causes. Christian leaders cited pseudo-science claiming homosexuality was a “choice,” or worse, a mental disorder. Preachers regularly promoted the idea that AIDS was God’s judgment on LGBT people. And money began to flow into “ex-gay” Christian ministries that promised to make LGBT people straight, but ended up making them suicidal instead.
When it comes to conservative Christianity, it seems the more things change, the more things stay the same. A national debate on transgender rights has rapidly progressed in America, and predictably, conservative Christians have once again elbowed their way to the front lines. Christian leaders make speeches, tortors preach sermons, and politic
:iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 5 9
Insert Edgy Title about Non-Binary Genders :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 16 43 Mike the Cat Parody: Petulant and Lazy :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 4 6 Telekommunism :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 6 4
Socialism Misunderstood
Reactionaries, generally-speaking, have a fundamental misunderstanding of how socialism works. The idea is that there needs to be a massive bureaucratic state to impose constant wealth redistribution, essentially acting as a liberal philanthropist who will toss larger scraps down to the masses, all so that the “natural consequences” of “freedom” (inequality) can be undone by a paternalistic guardian figure. This just goes to show how difficult it is for the overwhelming majority of us to think outside a capitalist bubble; this economic system has become as natural to us as the air we breathe and the water we drink.
So what am I getting at? Well, reactionaries think of socialism as anywhere between Scandinavian welfare capitalism to bureaucratic 1984 dictatorship – just never as a system that involves the active democratization of social institutions and resources. Both social democracy and Stalinism operate
:iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 1 6
DeltaUSA Parody 3:Religious Liberty,the Last Stand :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 7 0
10 Reasons Why Elections Fail
From (
Why can’t the 99% simply vote in a government that acts in their interest and not that of the 1%
At a simple level parliamentary elections sound like the ideal way for the mass of the ‘have nots’ to use their numbers to overcome the power and influences of the tiny number of have’s. Occupy talked about this division in the language of the 1% and 99%; a crude approximation that does reflect a reality where the number of wealthy decision makers is actually very tiny, indeed less than 1%. So, why can’t the 99% simply vote in a government that acts in their interest and not that of the 1%?
Let’s start off by acknowledging that this is not through lack of trying. The fight for the full franchise in the 19th century was very much caught up with the idea that once everyone had the vote a government of the working majority could be elected and that would redistribute wealth in the interests of all.  It was not just a larg
:iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 2 1
James Connolly on Irish Nationalism :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 6 6 Statist and RWLPTBA - Anarcho-Peoplewhoopposeus :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 16 6 DeltaHD Parody 2: Corruptible Boogaloo! :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 11 80 DeltaHD Parody: It's not Transphobia when I do it :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 10 40 Nazi Flag in Different Forms :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 6 0 Fascist Flag in Different Forms :iconmylittletripod:MyLittleTripod 9 0


Shinmin Autonomous Region flag :iconanarchistsyndicate:AnarchistSyndicate 8 6 Dreams of Running Away :iconfourth-heir:fourth-heir 17 17 We don't need the boss,the boss needs us :iconanarchistsyndicate:AnarchistSyndicate 8 11 How the anarchists ran Catalonia :iconanarchistsyndicate:AnarchistSyndicate 12 2 Before the Supreme Council :iconlibrarian-bot:Librarian-bot 34 15 Checks and Balances :iconrednblacksalamander:RednBlackSalamander 23 10 Superpowers :iconrednblacksalamander:RednBlackSalamander 20 15 At the Mountains of Madness :iconrednblacksalamander:RednBlackSalamander 20 10 Iris Wildthyme :iconfourth-heir:fourth-heir 22 17 If the Nazi's were socialists... :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 44 172 Anarchist societies from 1871 to the present :iconanarchistsyndicate:AnarchistSyndicate 14 4 Border Security :iconrednblacksalamander:RednBlackSalamander 23 45 High Tide :iconrednblacksalamander:RednBlackSalamander 28 36 Black Pigeon Speaks. :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 13 8 Oklahoma :iconvarpho:varpho 6 0 Thanks, Obama :iconrednblacksalamander:RednBlackSalamander 31 15




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Derek Dodebier
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"We are told we are too slavish, to snobbish, to be placed under free institutions; but we say that because we are indeed so slavish we ought not to remain any longer under the present institutions, which favour the development of slavishness." -Kropotkin

Politics: Social Anarchist

Beliefs: Secular Humanist.

Gender Issues: Anarcha-Feminist.

People, it's time. Evict your Landlord, Fire your Boss, Overthrow your Government, Excommunicate your Priest and Arrest your Police.


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It's time to dispose of our preconceptions and burn the money which was printed by a central bank!
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